Assalaam U Alaikum


It was nice talking to you today. I like and admire your online information channel (
The format and arrangement is excellent and the articles are edited very precisely and to the point.
Please continue your endevors and enlighten the community in a very effective manner.

Safdar H. Chadda DDS,FAGD,FICD.
Clinical Associate Professor
New York University College of Dentistry,NY.

Asslamo Alykum,
I just received mail about your expertise and role in journalism in USA I had rewind my all activities in NYC when I was working on Kashmir & Muslim Conference with your guidance. I am still in action with reputed NGO Institute of Peace and Development Need your kindness, prayers & cooperation in future. When you come to Islamabad, please bell to me, i will be pleased to meet you here.
Best regards. Muhammad Tahir Tabassum Islamabad e mail

seems small a word to pay respecct to Faiz Bhai for being appointed Bureau Chief KSA for Media Today - an online daily newspaper from New York USA.

Very well deserved appointment and honor for Pakistan Community.More so this reflect the smart vision of Media Today to selct the intelligent media wizard of the community
Keep the name up Dear Faiz bhai!

Best regards
Mansour Memon,MD, Senior Clinical Instructor
MBC-81 Life Support Training Centre
Academic & Training Affairs King Faisal Specialist Hospital &
Research Centre,Gen.Org Riyadh
Iqbal Khokar Sb,

I visited your web both English & Urdu , and I accept that first time such type of complete website I visited.

I working here in Jeddah since last 30 years , due to my back home job and contacts I am also working for Nawa e waqt / the nation and Waqt tv here, contributing them and having fully respect it is policy and the grou, writing as per policy of the paper becasue from my heart I agreed with the policy . .

If you are interested and give space to activities of jeddah / saudi Arabia , I can send you my coverage which I am sendig Pakistan also .

I am also the chairman of Pakistan Journalists forum here, and coordinator of Pak/ saudi freindship cooperation, which is based in Islambad.

Awaiting your confirmation and syetem of sending your news etc...

Amir Muhammad Khan / Jeddah Saudi Arabia
A Message of Appreciation
Thank you very much for detailed report of Halqa-e-Zoq in your newsmedia. We appriciated your efforts to bring literary activities of New York in your media world wide. Please continue this good work.
Halqa-e-Abab - e- Zoq Members New York .USA
Iqbal khokhar sb,Media today USA, IS Informative, good set up, video inserts, charming graphics, everything is perfect. Congratulations!
kamil Ahmer , Afssana Nigar Valley Stream ,LONG ISLAND New YORK ,
Congratulations on this extraordinary,well-planned,well thought and expertly designed effort to start this on line news media.I am sure the community will benefit tremendously and support this whole heartedly.With best wishes.
Dr.Safdar H. Chadda (Chairman PACCOLI) LONG Island New York.
I visited your websitem, it is hilarious. You have done a great job. I will call you soon. I am in Lahore, teaching IELTS,Spoken English classes. Also I am working with two newsapapers as you know I have had interest in the journalism. Plz let me know if there is anything I could do for you.
Thanks & Regards
Maqbool Chaudhry,LAHORE
That z ur Great efforts 4 overseas couminity
God bless u
Take care
My all energy wid u in great mission
Againly take care
wid salaam............
adil Akram
AAJ TV , Executive & Delegate Member , Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists , Gujranwala
Pakistani media in New York is the glue that holds our community together. Thanks for all you do for the community. Best wishes.
hope you doing well I like to congratulate you on great efforts MEDIA Today USA.NET best source to have community news and add thanks PTI VA will stay in touch with you any thing we here we can do please let us know also please keep us in your prayer as well in news. I appreciate , BEST REGARDS.
Aslam khan President VA tehreek e Insaf
I really like the website because it is easy to use but I think you should also have an English version as well that way it will attract a wide range of viewers
It was a real pleasure surprise to see you back in the main stream of Journalism. You are an experienced Journalist of many styles.You understand fully the modern requirements of the profession. I am sure you will be more than successful in achieving your objectives.
If I myself or could anything to promote you or
we sincerely pray to ALLAH for the promotion and progress of your efforts specially during the blessed months of Shabaan and Ramazan sharif. may ALLAH reward you with very competent and exceptional fellow workers which could promote your noble task day by day, our good wishes and sincere prayers are always with you,
Chief Editor,
Media Today

I hope all is well with you. I congratulate you on publishing Media Today on inter net on the happy occasion of the emancipation of the Americans from the yoke of the Great Britain on July 4, 1776. I have gone through it and found it very informative. It covers all important aspects of our life. The national and international news section keeps us abreast with fresh changes and events.
Besides, it covers the social. literary, political and religious aspects and guides for a democratic and moderate norms. In my opinion, if you succeed to make it a moderate and neutral organ, it will be the real service of journalism.
Sincerely yours,
Dr.Maqsood Jafri , New York
Asslamo Alekum,

My dear friend Shafqat Tanweer president PPP USA informed me yesterday about your newspaper Mediatodayusa. Please accept my congratulation on this effort and I extend my full co-operation for this .Thanks

M.Zaka Ullah Khan Niazi
Secratary Information PPP Canada , 1-647-898-4016

Salam Alykum
Congratulations on the introduction of Urdu Version of the best sites in English Media. This will go a long way in keeping the community togather and well informed about the affairs in our beloved motherland Pakistan and around the world.
Since there is always a possibility of improvement, may I suggest the following
1...While the news part is well covered by you, please include the Daily Columns by prominent journalists
like Mr Irfan Siddiqui,Javaid Choudhry,Hamid Mir,Dr Abul Qadeer,Mr Haroon Rasheed,Mrs Tayyaba Zia,
Ajmal Nizai,Ataul Haq Qasmi ,Ansar Abasi,Shafqat Mahmood,Hasan Nisar etc.
2..Please avoide unnecessary exposure of negative activities in the Community.
3..Offer oppertunites for expression of ideas from the Community on matters useful to all.
4...Avoide the spread of scandles.
Best of luck , Shakur Alam


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